Ballzy new special edition ice cream

About Ballzy’s new special edition ice cream

Some time ago, when it was toooo hot outside and the sun was grilling us alive, the Ballzy team realised it was high time to churn our very own Ballzy blue ice cream!

Well the idea of making a branded ice cream go actually started when we launched our ICE ICE BALLZY store in Viru Keskus. The theme of the store and everything related to it was designed by none other than our very own Ballzy artist/designer Karmo Ruusmaa. Karmo obviously got his inspiration from ice and ice cream. Initially, he had the idea to create an urban style sneaker store and use different elements such as a truck and fancy trash cans. In the end, however, it turned out to be an icy sneaker store, which was initially designed as a concept for Riga’s Akrapole shopping center. Today, however, ICE ICE BALLZY has moved to Viru Keskus, and Karmo still has a million different ideas in his head about what Ballzy stores should be.


Wait, but how did we get to making our own ice cream?

Just when the first thoughts of the new store concept were put in writing, we came to realise something  – let’s add a little sweet theme to the creation and history of Ballzy and start the project “ICE ICE BALLZY” ice cream.

Next, we got in touch with Estonia’s first organic ice cream producer La Muu to work out a delicious frozen delicacy called “ICE ICE BALLZY”. One thing was certain – the ice cream must be of the color of Ballzy’s identity – blue. But how to get the ice cream look like bright blue?Artificial colors were not the answer we were looking for.

The solution was spirulina – a natural food additive and antioxydant made of algae. 100% natural, 100% blue! 

The ice cream is available in our Ballzy lifestyle stores, so if you go hunting for new sneakers and you feel particularly hot, then check out the Ballzy X La Muu freezer and buy yourself a blue treat. “


Tuuli Rand

Ballzy’s marketing specialist


Vanilla ice cream with blue spirulina, 100 g

Ingredients: whole milk*whipping cream*, dextrose*, egg yolk*, dried glucose syrup*, sugar*, glucose syrup, skimmed milk powder*, thickeners* (guar gum*, locust bean gum*), blue spirulina, vanilla*.


*Controlled organic farming

Nutrition facts per 100g

Energy kcal/kJ: 206/863
Fats /of which saturated, g: 8.9/5.2
Carbohydrates, g /of which sugars, g: 26.0/23.2
Proteins, g: 4.4
Salt, g: 0.03

Best before: 18 months