Cookies and Cream ice cream in wafer cone, 90g/150ml, organic

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  • 90g/150ml
The milk we use comes from Metsavenna farm in Southern Estonia, close to the Latvian border. The milk comes fresh and unpasteurized with the butterfat content of 3.8-4.2%, depending on the season (in the summer when the cows are grazing in the fields, the milk yield is higher and fat % slightly lower than in winter). The milk is pasteurized once it arrives. Hence, in the final product, only pasteurized milk is used.
Our whipping cream comes from Pajumäe dairy farm.
We use sea salt.
Nutrition facts per 100gGDA (2000 kcal)%GDA
Energy, kcal235200011,75
Carbohydrates , g32,627012,07
Sugar, g21,49023,78
Fats, g9,77013,86
Saturated Fats, g6,22031
Protein, g3,8507,6
Salt, g0,1362,17

Store at below -18°C. Do not refreeze once defrosted.

All La Muu's ice creams are made from organic produce. As much as possible we use local Estonian organic produce. That way we can guarantee from which farm the milk comes and how is the milk, heavy whipping cream, eggs, berries and fruit produced. As Estonia is located where it is,we still need to import many things. When we do import, we pay extra attention to these three details: 1) ensure that organic produce quality is excellent; 2) that the ecological footprint of the production and transportation would not be too big; 3) that the farmers would be fairly paid for their jobs.